New Rooms at Pension Bergseeblick


room 5 at bergseeblick

Boutique Room 5

So after we got back from our early year trip to Blighty, bored and cold and what with January being such a boring dull month, we thought we’d better get off our backsides and do something fun.

The beginning of this year saw the start of our refurbishment programme for our rooms – well lets face it some of them are needing it now!

room 14 at pension bergseeblick

Boutique Room 14

We started with Room 5, for those of you who’ve not seen it, Room 5 is one of our double rooms with balcony on the ground floor. Room 5 had an old green carpet, old furniture that you’ve not seen since you cleared out your friends Grandma’s apartment, terrible curtains (also belonging to someone’s Grandparents no doubt) and was generally in need of modernisation.

We began by clearing out the old, good old Hugo gleefully throwing stuff out of the window, and started to lay a new wooden flooring which has such a warm and rich colour to brighten the room and bring it into the 21st Century! The walls were painted to freshen them up, and the doors were painted white to brighten up the room. Then came the fun part……Shopping!

We bought a beautiful new white and grey bed at such a cost that my husband needed to lie down for about a week. Its just a good job I never told him how much the chairs cost otherwise we’d never have got finished.

The new English Style ‘it’s a double bed, so lets have a double duvet on it because I actually like the person I’m sharing the bed with’ bedding was ordered from Marks & Spencers Home Department no less! Our wallpaper was specially chosen from the Rasch Range for added luxury.
With a bit of new furniture, a new floor and a freshen up, our room 5 is now a beautiful Boutique Double room with balcony.

room 18 at bergseeblick

Boutique Room 18

Next on our hit list was room 14. The ‘splashback’ for the sink really did defy belief, I’m sure it was fashionable in the 1960’s but we felt it had not yet become Retro enough to keep it.

The same stunning green carpet had to get covered up, a new bed again (this time with the cost hidden from my husband although to be fair he’s getting used to being shocked on a daily basis while we’re doing this). Duck Egg blue this time, and a happy Hugo finally getting rid of the 1972 Caravan style wardrobes.

Room 18 is our favourite though, only a little room but so cosy, fresh and sweet now, bedding from Next also in the English taste,  who wants 2 single duvets when you’re with your partner on your weekend away?

The brick wall isn’t real obviously but who cares, it looks great. The suitcases are actually real, cool idea by me huh?!

All of our new rooms are bookable online, so get booking! We look forward to welcoming our guests into our new and improved rooms. The refurbishment doesn’t stop there, we’ve got the bug now, we are waiting for the end of our busy summer season to start the next 3 rooms over the winter. Watch this space………….!